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NB: Please note, any patients receiving Private treatment for skin cancer, can transfer back to the NHS at any time during the process.

Bristol Plastic Surgery aims to ensure the best treatment for all types of skin cancer, using what ever modality is most appropriate, in the most timely manner. To meet this objective we work in close association with Dermatologists and Oncologists to provide a coordinated and comprehensive treatment program that is effective, efficient and aesthetic. We have been treating NHS patients under contract with North Bristol Trust (NBT) and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (UHBT) for several years, as well as self-paying patients and patients covered by insurance.

  • I had a mole removed from my face and would like to say many thanks, Mr Mercer, to you and your very professional team who made me feel very relaxed and it all seemed very painless.


Meet Our Team

Antonio Orlando

Antonio Orlando

Antonio Orlando has an excellent reputation in all aspects of cosmetic surgery including breast surgery, face lifts, eyelid surgery, nose surgery, body contouring including abdominoplasty and liposuction and other non-surgical procedures. He receives referrals from other Consultant Plastic Surgeons throughout the UK because of his expertise in nose reshaping.

Nigel Mercer

Nigel Mercer

Nigel was appointed as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in 1991, taking up his post after a Fellowship in North America, in 1992. Mr Mercer was the first Plastic Surgeon in the South of England to be Certified by the Royal College of Surgeons of England in Cosmetic Facial Surgery; Cosmetic Breast Surgery; Cosmetic Body Contouring Surgery and Cosmetic Periorbital Region Surgery.

Iraklis Delikonstantinou

Iraklis Delikonstantinou

Mr Iraklis Delikonstantinou or “Mr D.” as many of his patients prefer to call him, is a Board Certified Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon.

He has a special interest in Skin Cancer, Melanoma and Cosmetic Surgery.Iraklis first priority is the wellbeing of his patients. He has been praised for a sincere approach, his empathy and professionalism.

Why us?

We provide a full consultant lead skin cancer service, in collaboration with Consultant Oncologists, which includes:

  • Extensive experience in the visual diagnosis and the use of technical diagnostic aids.
  • Accurate pathological diagnosis and evidence of clearance, carried out by Consultant pathology specialists in skin cancer
  • A high level of reconstructive outcomes, minimising the need for secondary treatment.
  • Complex more extensive surgery, such as sentinel node biopsy, lymph node dissection and complex reconstruction if this is required.


We hold weekly skin cancer clinics. This gives you the opportunity to have any areas of concern quickly examined by a qualified consultant plastic surgeon with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers.

Those lesions thought to be small skin cancers can usually be removed the same day before 24 hours and no later than one week after diagnosis. Non-urgent moles and lesions can be removed at a time to suit you. All the moles and lesions we remove are sent for full histological examination, and you will be informed of the results. This service provides rapid diagnosis, reassurance and treatment.

Treatment options

The majority of suspicious lesions can be removed and the wound simply sutured under local anaesthetic as an outpatient. This provides both the diagnosis and treatment at the one procedure.  Even then the surgery can usually be carried out under local anaesthetic as an outpatient.

If the findings in the pathologist’s report indicate the need for more extensive surgery then this will be explained to you in full detail and arrangements then made to perform this either under local anaesthetic or under general anaesthetic. This could be a simple wider excision and direct suture or in some instances, a split skin graft may be required.

Our Clinic

Situated within our premises in the heart of Bristol, we offer the best treatment for all types of skin cancer, using what ever modality is most appropriate, in the most timely manner.

All of our treatments are carried out at 58 Queen Square. These outstanding clinical facilities are set in comfortable and restful surroundings.


What is sentinel lymph node biopsy?

A sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) is a where the sentinel lymph node is identified, abstracted, and examined under a microscope to find out whether cancer cells are present or have spread to the lymph nodes. This is the most accurate way of understanding whether there is a spread of melanoma cells. If cancer cells are present this could require the removal of additional lymph nodes.

Why would I need this test?

You might be asked to carry out this test if you have a melanoma that is concerning. The most common place melanoma spreads is the lymph nodes so it is very important to check whether the cancer cells have spread or not.


For this procedure, you will be under general anaesthesia. The surgeon will inject a dye near the melanoma to identify the location of the nodes. Then make a small incision in the armpit to remove them. Normally you can go home later that day after the operation but in some cases may be required to stay overnight.

Next Steps

If you are at all concerned contact us immediately and book an appointment at our clinic. You may not need surgery and we would be happy to offer reassurance.


The price for your initial consultation with a Consultant Plastic Surgeon will be £220.00.

Should you wish to proceed with the recommended procedure, a comprehensive quote will be provided to you during your consultation and subsequently confirmed in writing.

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