General Advice

There are general complications and risks with all operations and procedures and your surgeon will ensure that you are fully aware of these and the more specific ones relating to your selected operation before you commit to surgery.

To help minimise all these risks, there are a number of positive things you can do and a number of things to avoid. We strongly recommend the following advice.


  • Eat a balanced nutritious diet. Let the surgeon know if you are vegetarian. This is quite acceptable but we may suggest some blood tests and perhaps some nutritional supplements.
  • Consider a standard vitamin supplement containing iron but only in the recommended doses. Beware of complex food supplements with uncertain contents.
  • Take moderate regular exercise. Be fit, feel better and look better.
  • Tell your surgeon if you are taking the contraceptive pill or oestrogen supplements before arranging your surgery. These can increase the risks of deep vein thrombosis.
  • Be prepared to mobilise quickly after surgery, again to avoid deep vein thrombosis.

Do not:

  • Take tablets or medicines containing aspirin, indomethacin or ginkgo biloba in the two weeks prior to your surgery or afterwards without discussing this in advance. This can result in a considerable increase in bruising and bleeding.
  • Plan a overseas holiday just before your operation. Even a modest flight can increase the risks of deep vein thrombosis and there is always the risk of flight delays!
  • For similar reasons do not plan a holiday immediately after surgery. We like to have you reasonably close by for a week or two.
  • Sunbathe in the days immediately prior to surgery especially if you are having a facial operation. You will be swollen, red and more prone to bleed.
  • Smoke. Be honest about this with your surgeon as this can greatly increase the risk of bleeding and skin loss. Cigarette smoke contains chemicals that cause spasm in small blood vessels. Even one cigarette, in the early post operative period, can be critical.
  • Drink too much alcohol in the days before your operation. A healthy liver means an easier anaesthetic and a quicker recovery.
  • Use moisturising lotion or bath oil just before surgery. This interferes with our ability to accurately mark up and plan your operation.

Our Patients Say

  • Faith in plastic surgeons restored! Following the break of the PIP scandal and a subsequent year of worry and frustration I made contact with Mr Mercer via a recommendation and he was like a breath of fresh air! Mr Mercer, and his amazing team, were on the button with understanding, communication and respect from the offset and gave me instant peace of mind. I knew from the initial meeting with Mr M that I was in good hands. Surgery and the healing process went without a hitch. Thank you Mr Mercer, you're fab!
    Emma - Bristol
  • To the team at BPS, I just wanted to write and say a huge thank you for the treatment I had recently to remove 2 moles on my face. The surgeon, Mr Orlando, has done an incredible job and you can hardly see the larger scar after even 2 weeks. The other mole you would not have known was even there before. Many thanks again. P.S. Mr Mercer treated my mum for melanoma years ago and she still says how good he was!
    Anna - Bristol
  • For me personally it was not just about the surgery and looking better it was about how I felt about myself, it was a real confidence booster. Family and friends have not only noticed the difference in me, but that I am more confident and happier. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending BPS, the best investment I have ever made!
    Sam - Jersey
  • Mr Orlando came very highly recommended to me otherwise I would not have undertaken such surgery. My initial concerns were soon overcome because the moment I met Mr Orlando I was convinced of his professionalism and the fact that he told me exactly what to expect. I didn’t have to make up my mind right away and he wanted me to take my time before committing myself. However, I am so pleased that I had the courage to go ahead because it has given me more confidence and I feel happier with myself. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Antonio Orlando.
    Name withheld
  • Dear Mr Orlando, I wanted to write and let you know how delighted I am with the results of my surgery and the care I experienced with you and your team. From the very first consultation through to my operation and follow up appointments, I have been treated in an efficient and professional manner.
    Julie - Bristol