Antonio Orlando

Antonio Orlando graduated with Honours from the School of Medicine at the University of Florence in 1988. He remained at that centre to complete his first Specialisation in Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery) before moving to the University of Parma where he obtained a second Specialisation in Plastic Surgery, again with Honours.

He continued his training at Centres of Excellence, in Belfast and Amsterdam, before settling in Bristol where he completed his United Kingdom Plastic Surgery training and joined the Specialist Register in 1997. In 1998 he obtained the Diploma of The European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

Appointed Consultant Plastic Surgeon in North Bristol Trust in 1999, he is the lead plastic surgeon in a team specialising in the treatment of Head and Neck Cancer. He is also the North Bristol Trust (NBT) Lead Clinician for Skin Oncology (Skin Cancer).

At Bristol Plastic Surgery (BPS) he offers performing the full range of aesthetic / cosmetic procedures and utilises his specialised training to give him additional insights with operations to reshape the nose (Rhinoplasty). He is one of the founding members of the European Rhinoplasty Society and often receives referrals of complex cases from other plastic surgeons in the UK.

Mr Orlando is one of the three designated surgeons in the Bristol catchment area performing lymph node dissection1 for Skin Cancer and the only one with extensive expertise in treating complex Skin Cancer and Melanoma of the Head and Neck. This is a more extensive surgery that is can be required in certain forms of skin cancer.

He has developed protocols for the rapid, often same day, diagnosis and management of possible lymph node involvement ensuring the most effective and timely treatment. An significant benefit of this expert approach has been the reduction in length of hospital stay for this procedure from an average of 9.3 days to 1.7 days. This reflects a significant reduction in complications and in cost per treatment

Antonio Orlando has an strong Italian sense of style and aesthetics, a love of good coffee and a passion for high standards in his surgery and patient care. In your consultation you will meet an experienced and skilled surgeon with warmth, empathy and understanding.

1 Lymph Node Dissection: Most Skin Cancers are cured by local excision but, in the situation where cancer cells have escaped from the original site, they often become trapped in the local nodes which act as a natural filter. Their careful and thorough removal in an operation called Lymph Node Dissection gives the surgeon a second opportunity to contain and cure the condition.

Our Patients Say

  • Faith in plastic surgeons restored! Following the break of the PIP scandal and a subsequent year of worry and frustration I made contact with Mr Mercer via a recommendation and he was like a breath of fresh air! Mr Mercer, and his amazing team, were on the button with understanding, communication and respect from the offset and gave me instant peace of mind. I knew from the initial meeting with Mr M that I was in good hands. Surgery and the healing process went without a hitch. Thank you Mr Mercer, you're fab!
    Emma - Bristol
  • To the team at BPS, I just wanted to write and say a huge thank you for the treatment I had recently to remove 2 moles on my face. The surgeon, Mr Orlando, has done an incredible job and you can hardly see the larger scar after even 2 weeks. The other mole you would not have known was even there before. Many thanks again. P.S. Mr Mercer treated my mum for melanoma years ago and she still says how good he was!
    Anna - Bristol
  • For me personally it was not just about the surgery and looking better it was about how I felt about myself, it was a real confidence booster. Family and friends have not only noticed the difference in me, but that I am more confident and happier. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending BPS, the best investment I have ever made!
    Sam - Jersey
  • Mr Orlando came very highly recommended to me otherwise I would not have undertaken such surgery. My initial concerns were soon overcome because the moment I met Mr Orlando I was convinced of his professionalism and the fact that he told me exactly what to expect. I didn’t have to make up my mind right away and he wanted me to take my time before committing myself. However, I am so pleased that I had the courage to go ahead because it has given me more confidence and I feel happier with myself. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Antonio Orlando.
    Name withheld
  • Dear Mr Orlando, I wanted to write and let you know how delighted I am with the results of my surgery and the care I experienced with you and your team. From the very first consultation through to my operation and follow up appointments, I have been treated in an efficient and professional manner.
    Julie - Bristol